Key Industries

Key Industries in Albuquerque

Recruiting economic-base companies in key high-tech industries is a top priority for the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department. We recognize that scientific progress via tech-based companies is critical to job creation, higher standards of living, economic mobility, industry diversity, and a healthful community. In collaboration with community partners, we work to recruit businesses and industries to Albuquerque that build on existing strengths. To that end, we have launched a robust strategy to solidify Albuquerque’s position as a hub for five sectors that closely align with those assets in which we are naturally the strongest and most competitive.

They are: film and digital media, space technology, directed energy, and bioscience. For each of these sectors, Albuquerque already has the intellectual capital, R&D history, technological capacity, and workforce necessary to drive sustainable long-term growth and future investment. Below are links to printable flyers that provide an overview of each sector.


Five key assets make Albuquerque a premier low-risk, low-cost, high-value location for any company with commercial aerospace interests.


Albuquerque is rapidly becoming a vibrant bioscience hub. Our mid-sized city has the bioscience expertise, research base, infrastructure, organized sector-specific leadership and thriving startup ecosystem to support your business at the forefront of the industry.

Directed Energy

Albuquerque is the nucleus for directed energy in the United States, having more assets that are considered essential to the industry than any other city.


Albuquerque is the nation’s leading alternative for film production outside of L.A. and New York – essentially serving as the industry’s Third Coast.


World-class R&D and Intellectual Property

  • 3 renowned national laboratories: Sandia National Laboratories (ABQ), Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico (ABQ), and Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 3 major research institutions: University of New Mexico (ABQ), New Mexico State University (Las Cruces), and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Socorro)
  • Tech transfer, tech commercialization, and patent support


  • Available inexpensive land in urban and rural areas
  • Established road/rail network: ABQ is strategically located at the intersection of two major interstates and is equidistant between the ports of Los Angeles and Houston
  • Central location in the fast-growing Southwest region

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