Film & Digital Media

Albuquerque Film Sector

Thrillist in 2019 and 2020 ranked Albuquerque at the top of its “Best American Cities for Creatives (That You Can Actually Afford to Live In).”

Albuquerque is the nation’s leading alternative for film production outside of L.A. and New York – essentially serving as the industry’s Third Coast.

  • MovieMaker magazine ranks Albuquerque as No.1 on its list of best big cities in which to live and work as a moviemaker, calling us a “marquis player” in the industry and a “regional powerhouse.”

No other state has more attractive or competitive incentives.

  • Albuquerque offers a 25%-30% refundable tax credit on goods and service expenses.
  • The Film Crew Advancement Program gives productions a 50% reimbursement of below-the-line (btl) crafts workers’ wages for up to 1,040 hours of work if the job trains them in additional skills that will help advance their careers.
  • The Non-Resident Below-the-Line Crew Credit is a 15% credit allowed for the payment of wages for BTL crew who are not New Mexico residents.

Netflix and NBCUniversal have set the stage for other film giants to choose Albuquerque as a production hub.

  • Both companies occupy local state-of-the-art studios and have committed to minimum production spends over a 10-year period.

Albuquerque has one of the largest and most diverse crew bases between the coasts.

  • Our educational institutions routinely develop curriculum to ensure skill sets align with industry demand. Community College of Central New Mexico graduates primarily below-the-line (BTL) crew; the University of New Mexico offers degrees in above-the-line (ATL) work, like directing, screenwriting and producing, set design, and special effects.

Our airport is easy to navigate and has 2-hour direct flights to/from LAX and Burbank, Calif.

Albuquerque and New Mexico can double as just about any location in the world due to our diverse landscapes.

  • Examples include Pittsburgh, Louisiana, New York, Chicago, Germany, Israel, Morocco, Africa, the Middle East, and even Mars!

Albuquerque saves production companies money and time.

  • Film schedules are more likely to run on time due to our abundant sunshine and lack of natural disasters.

Albuquerque shares and promotes Hollywood’s values.

  • The City has an Office of Equity & Inclusion intended to better address racial disparities and to achieve equity across all populations and indicators. We are among the most culturally diverse U.S. cities.